Dinocorn rAWRRR Graphic

by Lisa Sher

Fresh out of the wild, the rare Dinocorn is here to help you channel the magical powers of this dinosaur x unicorn mashup.

The dinocorn design started life as a sketch of the dinocorn birth. This graphic ended up on a birthday card, and was then re-drawn on the computer as a vector graphic.

In 2020, the dinocorn re-emerged with fresh colorways, a new dinocorn song, and the addition of the "rAWRRR!"

I'm just a dinocorn, walking down the road. Looking for my people and a place to call home... the dinocorn song

It's clearly been a rough year for the dinocorn. He seems to be wandering around, looking for his peeps, and trying to bring a little magic into the world along the way.

Pictured above is the Dinocorn rAWRRR Youth Tee in Royal and Berry. View the collection.