FLUXX Collective

flux (fluhks)
1. A flowing or flow.
2. continuous change, passage, or movement.
3. the act of flowing.

Always changing and in motion, at Fluxx Collective we do our best to inspire our dreams and those of our peeps through art and nature. Create vs Destroy.
— Lisa Sher, Fluxx Co
What is behind the name “Fluxx Collective?”

Our name Fluxx, much like the dictionary definition, is a reminder to stay open to change, and to find flow in the moments of life. Collective represents our inclusive stance in the world. The xx in Fluxx is a nod to the female chromosomes of our founder, and all the badass peeps in the world finding their voices and using them for the greater good. The xx also reminds us that together we are stronger (just like the xx’s). Flowing and evolving together. Hells Yaaaaa!

The Bolt & Lisa
Lisa Sher of Fluxx Collective has been drawing and designing characters since she was a kid. Little Lisa signed every drawing with her last name 'Sher,' using a lightning bolt as the 'S.' This has carried forward with the lightning bolt featured on every current and future character at Fluxx Co.
art + design = smiles

When you shop Fluxx Co, you are supporting independent art + design - thank you! The world needs more art. We hope that our art + design will put smiles on faces. Fluxx Co supports inclusion and kindness in this world, and we’re ready to lend a hand when needed. If you’ve got big plans, and need something, holler! We’re ready.

Bikes & Art

Lisa Sher, founder and creative director of Fluxx Collective, spent 11 years racing mountain bikes professionally across the globe. This fostered a love for adventure and new experiences, as well as a thirst for excellence in all she does. She continues to draw her inspiration from bikes, nature and doing cool stuff in the unrelenting majesty of the outdoors. Lisa's bond with art, bikes, and nature are forever intertwined. Nature Rules!