TashaTTown x Fluxx Krazy Koala Collab

We couldn't be more stoked to partner with TashaTTown on our first Fluxx Co collab!

Koalas have a laid-back nature, they're chill and relaxed. They like to enjoy the moment, and go with the flow of nature. Koalas are focused on their crew and helping others in need.

TashaTTown is a firefighter and streamer in Colorado who loves her job and enjoys playing hockey with friends, hiking and snowboarding. At the start of the pandemic, Tasha started streaming to meet new friends.

The Art
The inspiration for this artwork was originally made by a friend of Tasha's daughter, Elizabeth, age 11. It was reinterpreted into character art by Fluxx Co. This koala loves hockey, gaming, and lollipops. The flames are a nod to Tasha's service to the community as a firefighter.


From Tasha: "Many people in my stream community lost jobs during Covid and are going through mental health issues. It’s been a pleasure to invest into their well-being to help them through hard times. Love meeting new people and spreading the cheer. One of the highlights of streaming during Covid was to provide a safe place for people to hang out, be entertained, and in a space where everyone feels welcome. My new stream friends have stepped up big time for me during Covid and I enjoy giving back."

10% of profits from this collab will be donated back to the streaming community. TashTTown supports fellow streamers and small business owners!

Find TashaTTown on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tashattown

TashaTTown x Fluxx

TashaTTown x Fluxx Sweatshirt


TashaTTown x Fluxx Tee


TashaTTown x Fluxx Mousepad


TashaTTown x Fluxx Mug