HOPE is dope Graphic

by Lisa Sher

HOPE is a commodity, and it’s a pretty rad concept to stay in touch with. Stay in the clouds, peeps. The HOPE graphic is filled with an abstract cloud pattern that's a reminder to dream big and keep HOPE in your heart!

Here's how the HOPE is dope graphic was constructed. The 3 images above show the final version, with the letters filled in by clouds, and the two elements that combined to complete the design.

The first step was putting together the typographic rendering of 'HOPE is dope," and making sure the fonts looked good together.

In this case, the goal was a chunky-ish font that would showcase the cloud pattern, and a script font that was a little thick but also modern, cool, and readable.

keep HOPE in your heart! — love, the clouds

After sorting out the font options, the type was finalized (see the black letters above). The final step happened in photoshop, where the cloud image was paired with the imported vector graphic from Illustrator.

The cloud image was placed inside the letters, and lined up.

The impermanence of clouds allows for fresh skies and fresh views throughout the day. We "hope" our Hope is Dope collection inspires happy thoughts and new possibilities.

Nature rules!

Pictured above is the HOPE is dope Tee in Navy. Check out the HOPE collection.