Polka Puff Graphic

by Lisa Sher

Roll sweet and tuff with polka puff. Polka Puff ate so much candy that she morphed into a live candy pop. Always happy and high on sugar, she mesmerizes you with her hypnotic eye! Get intergalactic!

The Polka Puff artwork began as a very rudimentary sketch and idea, but definitely caught the intended "flavor" of Polka Puff. Capturing the idea on paper is half the battle!

Getting ideas down helps buy time to explore and develop the character in more detail, without losing the vibe!

I roll sweet and tough with my polka puffs! Heyyyyyy… Polka Puff

The original Polka Puff character is not much different than the current version of Polka Puff Galaxy. Polka's look has definitely trended more modern over the years.

In the Galaxy edition, an image of the galaxy from earth is rendered around the edges of Polka Puff. This adds an intergalactic element and the infinite possibilities of space travel.

Fun fact: Many peeps think Polka Puff is the character version of me (Lisa). Big hair, a wide grin, and a serious candy habit (which is under control now, for reals). Hmmmmmm...

Pictured above is the Polka Puff Galaxy Tee in Heather Mint. Check out the Polka Puff Galaxy Collection.