Royal Raven Graphic

by Lisa Sher

The Royal Raven is a creature of metamorphosis and symbolizes change and transformation. The artwork for this collection was inspired by the mysterious nature of ravens and their "all-seeing" intelligence.

The Royal Raven graphic began as a pen and ink sketch. The graphic was then digitized on the computer, keeping the hand-drawn vibe of the original artwork.

The vector artwork was duplicated and flipped, lined up to look more like a crest. The crown was added to give it the "royal treatment."

The original concept of the raven was sketched while considering the connection between our inner landscapes and the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Lisa Sher

After the artwork was finalized, the work began to build the Royal Raven Black n' White Collection, which anchors our 2020 site launch.

Pictured above is the Royal Raven Black n' White Tee. View the complete collection.